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Our Horses & Ponies

As a riding centre primarily for disabled riders our horses are chosen and vetted for their kind nature, amiable disposition and ability to adjust to both disabled and able bodied riders needs.


A number of our horses have been bought and purchased over the years by various fund raising efforts but we also have horses on long term loan.


We have horses & ponies available to suit all abilities from beginner or nervous rider to the more advanced.


We are in need of horses and ponies of various sizes on long term loan, but as stated they must be basically bombproof and safe.  All of our horses are very well cared for, they have rest days, on the days they do work this is usually kept to two or three half hour lessons throughout the day.  


We have a regular worming programme and regular farrier visits throughout the year.


If you would like to see some pictures of our horses, please take a look at the Photo Gallery.

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