UPDATE 10/06/2022

What's happened this month:  

On saturday we met Paul Boxall our local borough councillor, he visited the cente for the first time. We were very pleased to show him around the centre and explain about our history and how we support the community. One of our projects that was completed this year was the resurface of our indoor school arena. The centre was very lucky to be awarded £10,000 from Sport Englands Community Asset fund to help towards the cost of the project. Our old surface had become very dry, dusty and uneven.






Thank you Paul for your time and sport England for supporting the centre and awarding us the grant.


We continue our search for new horses and also additional staff. If you know of any horses who you may think would be possibly suited for our riding centre, please do send us an email. 

Currently we are also in the process of having our new staff tea room replaced, so are very much looking forward to all of our hardworkers having a lovely new place to sit during their breaks.

COVID Update 10/06/2022:

With government guidelines continually changing we would like to confirm our covid policy.


If a member of your household has covid and you do not have symptoms you may attend your lesson, please do not attend with a person who has symptoms.


For all our volunteers the same applies do not come to the centre if you are COVID symptomatic. Our policy continues to be in protecting our staff/ clients and volunteers. 

If you are unsure if you should attend your lesson please call the centre on 01732 872844 - Thank you

We request that only 1 parent/carer per rider attends the centre unless you need to bring a child with you who is unable to be left at home.

With regards to isolation and cancellations please contact us ASAP if you need to isolate. This gives us a chance to offer other riders lessons. We are currently losing hundreds of pounds a week with cancellations which is out of our control.

We are continuing to contact clients who have requested addition to our waiting list and are slowly moving forward with new clients. We have a long waiting list and will contact people on the waiting list if we have any one off riding availability.  Please note when paying on arrival for your lesson we do not have any card facilities therefore we only accept Cash and Cheques.

Please remember that we have a 48hr cancellation policy, if your lesson is not cancelled you will be expected to pay for the cancelled lesson. If you display covid symptoms or need to self isolate please call ASAP.


As a charity trying to restart and having long waiting lists, people who regularly cancel without a good reason will not be able to retain their regular lesson. Our waiting list is very long, we continue to place clients on our waiting list as requested, but it may be some time  before a lesson is available which you may be able to attend.

Thank you for all your patience and support, we are welcoming back more of our disabled riders through the next few months. We are continually looking at government guidelines to ensure we are adhering to these.

During Covid and beyond - we have signed up to Smile Amazon - when your purchasing goods on Amazon - using this link will enable LGRCD to receive 0.5% of your purchase price as a donation to our riding centre from Smile Amazon. Can we please ask you all to click on the link, sign up and type in the Charity Search bar 'Leybourne Grange Riding Centre' - select this as your charity. You can save the Smile link to your favorites menu - using this link (not the normal Amazon link) each time your Amazon shopping will really help to support us. Thank you so much from all of us at LGRCD

Supporting us: Over the past year we have only had a small percentage of riders who have been able to attend lessons due to the ever changing Covid situation but the cost of keeping our horses remains the same. If you would like to make a donation to help towards the horses keep we have a PayPal Donation account - the link is at the top of this page. Just a few examples of prices:

Bag of carrots = £1, Bale of hay = £4, Feed = £8 - £10, large round bale of hay they have in the field = £35.

Of course, we know this year has been tough for many people and would appreciate any help you are able to give, please support the centre while shopping on line at Easyfundraising or AmazonSmile. Thank you so very much.

Old school.jpg
New School.jpg

Old surface


48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Please can we remind all riders/parents/carers that we have a 48hr cancellation policy. We are a self funding charity -  and as such we need to ensure we have money coming in to pay for all of our expenditure.  Failure to provide 48 hours notice of cancellation will result in the payment for that lesson being expected  at the following lesson.

If you are not able to keep your regular lesson then please speak to a member of staff. 
If you change your mind and no longer want your lessons then please phone us, leave a message or send an email from our contact page to cancel your future lessons.

We will not hold any spaces unless you have contacted us. 

We are open 7 days a week from 9:00am to 5:30pm.  All lessons must be booked via telephone or in our office, we do not take lesson bookings via this websites email.  Please give us a call on 01732 872844 to discuss your requirements. Lesson prices are available on the Riders tabs above together with information about suitable attire to wear for a lesson. We look forward to seeing you.